Rogue One

A new study from UCLA finds that despite the huge success of diverse Hollywood projects, studios still release films with predominantly white casts.
"You can’t just put an Asian actor in there and expect that, because they show up for a second, you’ve covered the Asian market. That is a joke.”
Over the past decade, we’ve seen a shift in the media aimed at deepening the representation of women in media and pop culture
Every new movie season seems to bring with it a few character names that jump out for their distinctive baby name potential
The plot of "The Last Jedi" won't be modified because of her death, Disney's CEO said.
“If we fail to represent, we are in danger of losing people to extremism."
There's plenty of it. Catastrophic war threatens to break out between Earth and Mars. The OPA and the Belters could all be
The 8-year-old clearly takes after his dad's rebel "Star Wars" character.