role models

Women under 40 are more likely to have grown up with empowering female role models. They’re also more likely to see bias against powerful women.
Maverick aims to connect and empower young women and girls.
In seventh grade, we had to write a paper for Women’s history month on a famous woman. I was assigned Abagail Adams. When
Hang on - moms and aunts? Yeah, we said it. There is something special about finding a mentor who know, actually
After his experience in juvie, Chiron emerges as a drug dealer living outside Atlanta, going by the name "Black". He now
The event was chaotic, but hopefully fun and interesting - at least it seemed so according to the few kids I spoke with afterwards
Then I began thinking about subliminal messaging in music. I remember reversing audio files when I was a kid to see if I
Since starting my own company that focuses on mentorship and sponsorship to elevate women in the workforce (especially in STEM fields), I have learned some valuable lessons and garnered some new insights to share with you.
What advice would you tell someone who was starting their own company, today?    Find something you're truly passionate about
A Seattle-based company, Remitly, is looking to provide a better and cheaper way to relieve some of the stress out of that
Now we have a president-elect whose many teachable campaign moments include his response to a protester at a Nevada rally
My friend and I took my 2-year-old twins to the pumpkin patch last week. We had a great time, mostly because I think we both experienced the day through young eyes.
You have more power than you can even imagine, so it's time to unleash it - 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. Doing a TEDx
What's important to note is this: we don't need to be Olympians to award ourselves for making sure we are fit for our daily
How fortunate are we to have had you strong, confident, and brave young ladies be a part of lives? It's like you've become part of our family. My girls may not remember the summer of "The Final Five," but I will. It was the summer I watched you win Gold and the summer my girls gained five new heroes.
Entrepreneur Jennifer Pierre celebrates brown boyhood and destroys stereotypes through Melanites, her new line of dolls.