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Number 5 on that list debuted 40 years ago today, on August 8, 1976, when the Chicago White Sox coupled their already hideous
According to both Russian and American space authorities, nobody has ever had sex in space. (Popular Mechanics, February 2016) Wealthy people don't watch a lot of TV. (Money, March 2016)
Are you tired of your dead-end, go-nowhere job? Would you like an opportunity to see the world and flex your dormant writing muscles? Then you may be just the candidate we're looking for at The Sean Penn School of Journalism™!
Yet, for all the interviews and articles on her music, approach, style and personality, capturing the essence of Adele and her music is surprisingly difficult. To string together a list of adjectives, to make comparisons and analogies, to use memes, gifs, videos or quotes somehow seems inadequate.
So Phil Collins has been big in the news the past few weeks. Rolling Stone magazine wrote that the former Genesis drummer and mega-selling solo artist would be coming out of retirement. Fans rejoiced, and so did Internet trolls.
Legendary musician, songwriter and producer Allen Toussaint passed away on November 9, 2015, at the age of 77. The New Orleans native was instrumental in creating and sustaining much of the music that has come out of the Crescent City since the late 1960s.
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Whether Pope Francis was addressing the U.S. Congress, the United Nations, or making speeches on difficult global issues like immigration, refugees, climate change, and war or visiting students, memorials, or joining with thousands of families at public events, his genuine voice and his presence was heard in America this week.
Sexual violence can have such serious and lasting repercussions for survivors and bystanders alike that even one sexual assault is still too many.
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After slamming the ticket prices of Justin Timberlake and Jay Z’s 2013 “Legends of the Summer” tour, Kid Rock is making headlines
Once a false accusation is in the air, people tend to believe it. Where there's smoke, and all that nonsense. It doesn't seem to matter if the smoke is there because an arsonist set the fire.
As people begin to question the integrity of the Rolling Stone journalist who broke the UVA rape story, the veracity of the survivor, and whether this whole issue should ever have been raised in the first place, there are many lessons we can all learn as this story continues to unfold. We need to stand together against sexual violence.
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Robert Greenfield joins Josh to talk about the Stones' conspiracy theory involving Tina Turner.
They said it about Hicks, and they said it about Carlin: they were not only comedians, but great thinkers. They were cultural commentators, who just happen to pepper in some d**k jokes for good measure.
"Listen, everybody has their ups and their downs. Everybody has their opinions. I can never say that I'm not 'attached' or
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How best to describe Andrew's Peterson recording? It is not just a tribute. Certainly not an unthinking facsimile of Peterson
Why can't most business executives, economists, politicians and journalists see the big picture? Why is "environment" hardly ever in their vocabulary, much less a priority? A good example of the cluelessness displayed by our so-called leading thinkers can be found in the August 12 issue of Time.
Several major retail chains have refused to sell the Rolling Stone with Tsarnaev on the cover due to poor taste and insensitivity. This is a different type of insensitivity -- insensitivity to the role of a free press and responsible journalism.