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The reporter was found liable with malice on six claims.
Columbia Journalism School described the story as "a journalistic failure."
Rolling Stone apologized for "discrepancies" in the article, but 3 members of a UVA fraternity claimed it harmed them.
The backlash for Rolling Stone over an inaccurate rape story continues.
Rolling Stone's false report of an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia was what "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart
The University of Virginia fraternity at the center of Rolling Stone's discredited report on an alleged 2012 gang rape on campus announced plans Monday "to pursue all available legal action against the magazine."
A Rolling Stone spokeswoman had no immediate reply to the fraternity's announcement. NEW YORK -- The University of Virginia
Other media personalities responded to the lack of disciplinary action on Twitter: "The report certainly is embarrassing
In the 9,000-word article, Erdely also said three friends of Jackie -- identified as “Randall,” “Andy” and “Cindy” -- discouraged
On a Nov. 27 Slate podcast, Erdely said that she tried contacting the alleged perpetrators “in multiple ways,” but they “were
Campbell and Lisak highlight the need for greater awareness and education on how traumatic memory works, and the necessity
Twitter users shared what they said was her photo and contact information.
From the op-ed in the student newspaper: Emily Clark, who identifies as Jackie's roommate during their freshman year, declared
"I'm very confident we have facts on our side," Wanjuki said. "The movement is more than one survivor's story." One reality