rolling stone rape

The reporter was found liable with malice on six claims.
Columbia Journalism School described the story as "a journalistic failure."
Rolling Stone apologized for "discrepancies" in the article, but 3 members of a UVA fraternity claimed it harmed them.
The backlash for Rolling Stone over an inaccurate rape story continues.
So if Wenner won't fire anyone over the scandal, Stewart will. Check out his "citizen's firing" in the clip above. Despite
The University of Virginia fraternity at the center of Rolling Stone's discredited report on an alleged 2012 gang rape on campus announced plans Monday "to pursue all available legal action against the magazine."
The Columbia report detailed how Erdely failed to do basic reporting to verify the claims of the story's main source, referred
Jay Rosen , a journalism professor at New York University, published a piece Monday morning pointing out key areas of shortcomings
“I am upset with that aspect of it, but I also know that she was trying to come from a point of advocacy,” Pinkleton said
Erdely stopped giving interviews even before Friday's revelations in the Post, as her Nov. 19 article had already faced scrutiny