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It was a difficult and challenging year, especially seen through the lens of sexual health. It was a year in which politics came close to displacing sexual politics as the most-talked about topic on therapist couches.
The magazine reported that a female student as "Jackie" was raped at a university fraternity house in 2012.
Rolling Stone apologized for "discrepancies" in the article, but 3 members of a UVA fraternity claimed it harmed them.
A dean claims the magazine defamed her in the article as a villain in Jackie's case.
"We've always, I thought, had a very rigorous fact-checking department at the magazine," Taibbi said. "But in this one particular
"It has been said that a rolling stone gathers no moss," Helms said. "I would add that sometimes a rolling stone also gathers
"It's so common, the regular rapes, where someone is passed-out drunk and someone has sex with them. They feel violated and
H/T Mediaite Dufflin hoped the episode would make other news organizations think twice about their own practices. Though
“Journalistic practice -- and basic fairness -- require that if a reporter intends to publish derogatory information about
'A Rape on Campus,' published in November, was initially lauded for exposing a horrible crime, as well as a culture of apathy