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'A Rape on Campus,' published in November, was initially lauded for exposing a horrible crime, as well as a culture of apathy
As a public entity, the university is barred from suing. Both the campus chapter and national organization of Phi Kappa Psi
"Senator Murray certainly agrees that prevention efforts, like raising awareness about sexual violence and educating students
In the wake of an amplified conversation about the number of rape allegations coming from behind the closed doors of the
All three say Erdely has since reached out to them, and that she has told them she is re-reporting the story. Hendley told
The tweets come on the heels of reports calling the veracity of the Rolling Stone article into question, and the magazine
Jackie told the Washington Post that she stands by her story. Rolling Stone has updated a memo it posted to its site on Friday
Don't let the holes in this story diminish your rage, do not let the fire burning across our schools and nation be smothered by shoddy journalism and a troubled and traumatized girl who has clearly suffered.
Rolling Stone is now saying their story on an alleged gang-rape at UVA had discrepancies. When the original article was published, the journalist was blasted for not interviewing the accused men. Caroline takes a look into this developing story.