Roman Curia

Despite restrictions imposed by the Vatican, Theodore McCarrick was allowed to rise in the ranks and play prominent diplomatic roles under Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.
An archbishop claims Pope Francis knew about the Kentucky clerk's anti-LGBTQ history
With his defense of a controversial bishop in Chile, he's "re-victimizing every single child victim and putting himself in the abuser’s shoes.”
The ersatz interview is the latest stratagem in conservatives’ battle with the progressive pontiff.
He used his annual Christmas message to the Curia to speak his mind.
ROME -- Jorge Bergoglio was elected pope three years ago. He is now 79 years old and still seems willing to go further to set his reforms on an irreversible track. But the Curia grumbles against what is perceived from the inside as an authoritarian and unpredictable boss.
Even more important, and perhaps more difficult, than changing the Vatican’s structure is changing the culture of the place
While it might be argued that the Pope Francis's understanding about human sexual orientation, especially LGBTQ's is expanding, and his concern for the dignity and humanity of LGBTQ people is genuinely shown, the pontiff is still a doctrinal conservative when it comes to women.
The centerpiece of the devotion, according to Robert Moynihan, founder of Inside the Vatican Magazine, is the belief that
We are all waiting to see how the new pope, who opposed liberation theology and yet champions the poor and oppressed so vigorously, will speak on political issues when faced with them.
It feels once again that a pope is about to let fresh air run through every aspect of the Church. He may transform its grinding politics, financial imbroglios and leadership vacuum. He has the ability to deal directly with the serious sins of the recent past and clean house. Let the wind blow!
When Benedict issued his resignation a few weeks ago, those of us who know about Celestine immediately thought of the 1294 pope, and what happened to him. Like Celestine, I have to believe that Benedict, too, wanted to get out alive. And so, now, we need a pope who loves to clean things up.
The modern era has seen a lot of good men come to the Vatican wanting to inspire the world toward more faith, more observance and more good works, as Christ's vicar on earth. What is it, then, that spoils their good intentions?
For years there have been many people in authority above him who were repeatedly made aware of the struggles and difficulties surrounding the abusive behavior of the founder and other dysfunctions in the Legionaries