roman holiday

"He was very hands on!" according to Cecilia. "He drove us to school on his way to work, he was very involved in our school
One great thing about being a speaker is the opportunity to travel. I had the grand opportunity to present at WIN Conference
Turn off the news, put your shoes on. Take me on a date, to the movies tonight. We'll park the car, our masks, the world outside, and head into the old theater, where they play reels in black and white.
It feels like we've seen this movie before - the one about opportunists scaring the crap out of us for political gain. They know it's a worn script, but they keep right on reading because Americans never get tired of remakes about those foreign devils coming to kill us -- any time now.
There is something terminal about Rome's Termini, which is not supposed to be the ending but the beginning of many journeys
Dalton Trumbo is back! The United States' best screen writer, black-listed and imprisoned during the 1950s McCarthy era witch hunts, has returned full of life, politics and attitude in Jay Roach's smart, funny unrepentant film "Trumbo."
A few days ago, Judith Aller, a prominent concert violinist and conductor in Europe and America, wrote me a note saying that her now dead husband's film about screenwriter Dalton Trumbo was going to be premiered--and asked me if I wanted to go.
Stunning location: check. Beautiful people: check. Romance: of course! Rome in Love, the latest book by Anita Hughes delivers on all three fronts as it tells the story of young actress Amelia, who learns about love, Italian food, and Audrey Hepburn while living in Rome to film a remake of Hepburn's classic film, Roman Holiday.
Memorial Day weekend signaled the beginning of Citi Bike season in New York City, and everyone wants to look their best with the breeze blowing through their hair. After months of dark stationary indoor cycling, it's time to get back out there.