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“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”
There's an abundance of reasons to visit the current set of exhibitions at the Studio Museum of Harlem (the ones on view close on June 8). I'll get to the art itself, but there are some overarching considerations.
Students and visitors roaming Bearden's exhibition will have the rare opportunity to view the logic of collage transcend
Public advertisements have become such a commonplace part of the American landscape that we don't even consciously register them anymore -- that is unless they contain something extraordinary.
Traditional African patterns ornament the ovalescent center while the figure is surrounded at top and bottom with the inherited African motifs of the nation he was born to -- but what is inside Mr. Mitchell is boundless without physical context to distinguish him from any other.
Some months seem to favor mid-career and established artists, but emerging talent is on view everywhere in March. In Chicago
Elizabeth Catlett, Head, terra-cotta, 1947. 12. Hale Woodruff's "Gathering Storm (Blue Landscape)" 4. Robert Colescott's
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the sizzling streets of Chelsea, not expecting to discover something particularly notable in the typical "summer show" venues but nevertheless making the rounds, out pops a truly unique and memorable exhibition that is shaking things up.
Although Andrews has become known for his later images, which were typically easier and lighter, the strength of There Must Be a Heaven lies in showing how long it took for Andrews to get to a place of peace.
Take a deep breath before diving into the color-drenched palette of multimedia artist Romare Bearden. In his 1988 obituary
Where other tributes were slight, uneven or unconventional, Urban Rhythms and Dreams of Paradise is the sort of show I had been waiting for: a considerable, fairly balanced and clear celebration of America's greatest collage artist.
For all three 2011 - 2012 Artists in Residence -- Njideka Akunyili, Meleko Mokgosi and Xaviera Simmons -- Primary Sources is a big moment; it's a send-off show, concluding their residencies at the museum.
Unlike my early days in New York, I no longer roam the boroughs attending opening after opening, party after party, all night conversations in some random artist loft/apartment/space (the after after party). It sounds great because it was great. It was also more distracting than inspiring.
'In Context' will feature the work of Radcliffe Bailey, Romare Bearden, Hannelore Baron, Hans Burkhardt, Joseph Cornell, Dale
2011-12-07-Screenshot20111207at9.44.58AM.jpg New York's centennial celebration of Romare Bearden has found its heart at The Studio Museum in Harlem.
"The Bearden Project" won't be putting Romare Bearden in a hallway. And that's a start in making the kind of tribute Bearden and the public deserve.
To commemorate the centennial of his birth, the Mint Museum organized a major retrospective of his works. To view more information
We've taken a bit of a break with this feature, but we figured with the back-to-school spirit in full swing, now is the perfect