Romeo and juliet

Zeffirelli once likened himself to a sultan with a harem of three: film, theater and opera.
Bolivian biologists spent 10 years looking for a mate for a lovelorn frog they feared was the last of his kind.
Commit to building relationships with “them.”
How to decode what the voices in our head are really trying to tell us.
Today I have the opportunity to do something I’ve been wanting to for quite some time! I’m taking the spotlight off of myself
Sex is the manifestation of the "life force," a term coined by George Bernard Shaw though it is not clear if he ever had
This is the story of two boys - an Egyptian and an Israeli - united in their convictions but separated by circumstances.
I had the opportunity to speak to Sir Jacobi moments before he was gearing up for the next performance. Not to worry. Romeo
From our first glimpse of Copeland in Juliet's playroom, pestering her long-suffering Nurse (the marvelous Nancy Raffa), we
Isabella Boylston is steadily working her way up to the top rank of American Ballet Theatre's principal dancers. Her rise has been incremental rather than sudden, with some choice new roles added each season. With each new role her on stage presence seems to grow and she is becoming a deeply complex artist in addition to being technically gifted.
It should also be noted that although this Threepenny Opera--announced at the get-go as "cheap" but blessedly devoid of standard
Shakespeare's words changed how people were entertained. What people thought. What people felt. And they continue to do so today.
The Dude, The Bard, and The Force: An Unexpected Reading List for Lebowski Fans Fool by Christopher Moore Christopher Moore
Despite legitimate terrorist threats in Europe, northern Italy seems calm, polished and welcoming. Modernist architect Carlo Scarpa and Opera Diva Maria Callas had important moments in the Veneto which are now on display along with many other lesser known cultural sites.
This year, my senior year of college at Wesleyan University, has been filled with many bittersweet moments. As my time here, and my undergraduate education as a whole, comes to a close, I can't help but measure my time in movies.