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Although Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is said to favor Romney, Haaretz evaluated Obama's presidency positively
Mr. President, could you explain why America's security is dependent on a treaty between Egypt and Israel?
Romney's foibles as a foreign policy candidate are easy targets. But chances are strong that the next debate will again be "won" by Romney -- if Obama retreats to defensive mode.
WASHINGTON -- The Romney campaign sought to defend Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Wednesday over his controversial
Benjamin Netanyahu is still rattling a saber. Arab leaders may well warn that a strike on Iran could lead to World War III. Big words seem to be the only way to measure whether the region is closer to or farther from an armed conflict that would almost surely draw in America.
In a separate interview with NBC's "Meet the Press," Netanyahu dismissed the idea that Obama snubbed him last week by turning
Tour the world! Trip over your tongue! Now everybody wants to do it!
Days after praising Israel in Jerusalem, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took a shot at kibbutzim, arguing
Was the presidential candidate making a fair point about the wealth of nations? Or was he gratuitously insulting Israel's neighbors?
He said that Romney "misrepresented my views" by stating that the book "basically says the physical characteristics of the