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The tension extends back to the summer of the 2012 election, when Reid told The Huffington Post that he heard from a source
The source behind Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) bold claim that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had paid "basically" no taxes for a decade was Jon Huntsman Sr., a new book on the 2012 campaign claims.
"He didn't pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that's true? Well, I'm not certain," Reid said. "But obviously he
In 1997, Congress cracked down on a popular tax shelter that allowed rich people to take advantage of the exempt status of
We have a pretty good idea of how Barack Obama would function as president, but Mitt Romney, even in the closing stage of a very long campaign remains a mystery, and so too do many of his key policy positions.
Mitt Romney appears to benefit from his own brand of off-shore citizenship. We need the full decade of documents, because a person's tax record with the government reveals much about his or her commitment to the state.
Finally, I would note one item that the Romney campaign does not cite in support of its tax plan: Any analysis actually prepared
Ryan said that his plan would deny loopholes and deductions for higher-income earners, but he didn't specify whether the
The bastion of high finance, the IMF, has come out against austerity. Can Mitt be far behind? Look forward to the next debate, when Romney's new "etching" will no doubt have him denouncing the president for his jobs program, while suddenly offering up his own version to get the economy going.
"To be clear, though, pursuing this policy wouldn't be refuting our earlier study, it would be accepting the constraints
If Mitt Romney is looking for a loophole to close to help pay for his tax plan, he might want to look at one that helped
The Romney campaign struck first, with "Who Will Raise Taxes?," a new ad in which a narrator says, "According to an independent
It looks highly suspicious to disclose returns from 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011, but not 2009. The American public would ask in an instant: What are you hiding?
Romney's idea of limiting tax deductions should be taken seriously. Romney is on the right track here. The only problem -- and it's a big one -- is that the math on his tax plan overall still doesn't add up.
Neutral budget analysts would likely quibble with these assumptions. But they do represent a more detailed framework than
Buried deep in the tax returns released by Mitt Romney's presidential campaign are references to dozens of offshore holdings
An analysis by the CBO found that six million Americans, most of them middle class, will face a tax penalty for not buying
Romney himself has said that he likes to fire people. So why hasn't he fired his campaign staff?