Ron Goldman

She's not in the same place she was two decades ago, she says.
She sat oddly removed from the rest of her party – at an end seat facing the window looking out onto San Vicente Boulevard
"I kept thinking, 'God, we're back here again.' It's been 20 years and we're back here."
If you recall how fascinated, even obsessed, you were with the murder, the trial and the verdict -- and if you say you weren't, you're lying -- you want to read Sheila Weller's book, Raging Heart: The Intimate Story of the Tragic Marriage of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson.
The "Run of His Life" author says the series was "intended to be respectful" to the victims.
Fred Goldman, father of Ron Goldman, who was killed alongside Nicole Brown Simpson, says he is bothered that his son’s death
This weekend sent my mind into a whirlwind of both fond memories and melancholy. Twenty years ago, Los Angeles held it's breath bracing for riots, dissent and hostility to bubble up.
To this day, no one has been held accountable for the deeds that took a loving brother and son, and a doting and beautiful mother. The court of public opinion may have decided who the murderer was, but that is cold comfort to the families who are still left wanting.
"He looked over and he went, 'Gotcha,'" she says. "I pretty much was done at that point. We got up and walked out." Kim shares
Nothing says "Good Morning" like a discussion on murder, I think to myself as I look out into a sea of faces, just blankly staring back at me. Deep breaths, I can do this.