Ron Johnson Wisconsin politician

"Your hood is showing," a Twitter critic responded to the Wisconsin Republican's statement.
Coronavirus relief negotiations remain fragile and uncertain.
Rep. Ken Buck told a rally in Georgia that an investigation of Hunter Biden is “plan B” if Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the election fail.
The Wisconsin senator defended his decision to attend the function, knowing he had been exposed to COVID-19.
Two protesters were killed in Kenosha because "citizens took matters into their own hands," the Wisconsin senator told CNN's Dana Bash.
GOP lawmakers are starkly divided about what to do about enhanced unemployment benefits, which expire this week.
The Wisconsin lawmaker says it would just cost too much.
Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have criticized President Donald Trump for his dismissal of State Department IG Steve Linick.
Democrats say Republicans are executing a naked partisan power grab to kneecap their incoming governor and attorney general.