This weekend Nick Offerman tweeted out a drawing given to him by a fan that combined his Ron Swanson character and Wolverine
Leslie Knope Andy Dwyer None of us want to face it, but the time has come to say our goodbyes. After seven seasons, the "Parks
The first of Tuesday's back-to-back "Parks and Recreation" episodes was half an hour of Andy's "The Johnny Karate Super Awesome
Image via Tumblr Can we stop for a moment and appreciate Leslie's amazing Tammy impression? Natalie Moralas -- aka Lucy, Tom's
Somehow that doesn't surprise me. Do you ever feel typecast as an icon of "manliness" because of Ron Swanson? I think it's
Imagine a smiling and dancing Ron Swanson doing some of the coolest moves possible. Now imagine the "Parks and Rec" intro
We're talking glorious nuggets of wisdom like "Technically, we're all half centaur," and "If your shirt isn't tucked into
(Story continues below.) On display at the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia, the statue actually depicts Shakespearean
17. Don't half-ass Independence Day. This is America, go all out! 7. But not necessarily fish ... (Just kidding!) 11. If