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"It's really about giving back to them and giving them something to make them feel better."
This pony is not your average small horse! After losing her home in Hurricane Katrina, Molly has found her happiness in inspiring
As I sat near the finish line with no medal around my neck, I still loved watching people complete it... and it made me want to do try it again. So don't be scared to attempt that marathon or half marathon on your bucket list because failure is only failure if you don't get out there and attempt it.
When she contacted New York City’s 19th Precinct for help, police officer P.J. Conley called the Pier 76 Impound to try and
Operating on the TOMS Shoes model--for each backpack bought, a backpack is donated to a child in need -- STATE Bags was born out of a desire to help provide children in need with healthy snacks, school supplies, a reliable carry-all, and a group of positive role models.
So it seems when the Empire State Building went silent instead of gold, they underestimated passionate advocates and supporters, who are raising awareness that has the potential to save lives.
Wednesday marked the 40th anniversary of the Ronald McDonald House -- a charity that provides temporary housing to families
In recent weeks I've had many conversations about this very topic, the spirit of the holiday season, and I've heard many stories of those who volunteer their time during this very busy season.
McDonald's spends nearly a billion dollars a year on advertising. They should trade some of the visibility they get from traditional ads for the favorability that cause marketing offers. Those golden arches need a bigger halo.
"Our critique is that McDonald's touts the charity as if it were its own, that it wholly funds it, but the reality is the
Pop quiz: Who do you think funds the hundreds of Ronald McDonald Houses around the nation? McDonald's, right? Sort of, but not really. Confused? Wondering how a corporation that raked in $27 billion last year can be so stingy with its own charity? You're not alone.
The fact that Willie, the kids and I were all on the set of our new movie, Angels Sing, doesn't really change my basic question: Is Willie Nelson Santa?
On behalf of every family that ever walks through the doors of a Ronald McDonald House thank you for support. If you want
I thought to myself that if Bobby, a senior in high school, a young man with his whole life in front of him, wasn't asking "why," then I had no right to do so. Instead, I told myself I would find a purpose, a purpose for this brain tumor.
As for the Blackhawks game, the players will not hold back. "This is going to be a real hockey game. Guys are going to try
White-clad servers cruised the room proffering Chicken McNuggets on trays. They also offered fluffy sweet Canadian-bacon treats on sticks, and fresh lettuce wraps.
Socially conscious shopping seems to be all the rage as more and more companies align themselves with a variety of charitable causes.
Check out these strange X-Rays... After shooting himself in the groin with his father's rifle at age 9, Luis Canelos is coming