In the weeks since Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was slain in Beverly Hills, there have been rumors circulating of a series
Why haven't Beverly Hills police called in the cavalry to help solve the Ronni Chasen shooting? It's now been two weeks since
Hollywood is a notoriously contentious place, where everyone has a different opinion about which movie is the true Oscar
Watch the video and click HERE for the rest of the story. BEVERLY HILLS (KTLA) - Law enforcement sources have addressed one
"The rape of Lucretia is a part of a larger tapestry of fascination with violence that permeates medieval culture as well
Following the announcement earlier this week matching the gun Harold Martin Smith used to commit suicide with that used in
Supposedly police are seeking videotapes from both public and private cameras along Sunset Blvd. What about traffic control
What few apparently wanted to believe was that, perhaps, there were no dots to connect. Maybe Chasen's death was simply an act of random violence.
Martha Smilgis, one of the co-executors, said she did not think Chasen was killed because of anything in her will. A friend
Ronni Chasen's death is sad for those of us who liked or loved her, and despite media distortions and exaggerated speculation, terrible things do sometimes happen without much explanation.