Ronny Jackson

Rep. Ronny Jackson, who once suggested Trump could've lived to 200, is not happy about Biden's physician's report.
The former president, who bragged recently about how he “ACED” a cognitive test, will likely be pleased with the segment.
The former White House physician is accused of physically threatening officers after being told his help was not wanted during a medical emergency.
The conspiracy theorist's latest claim got a blunt fact-check on Twitter.
The Texas GOP lawmaker was caught on camera nosing around on the House floor.
Critics ripped Rep. Ronny Jackson for crossing the line in his latest attack on the president.
The ex-president and his former doctor, Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas, have a tantrum over Trump-critic Rihanna's upcoming starring role.
The Texas Republican is celebrating another kind of royalty.
Sharp-eyed viewers spotted a big problem with how Rep. Ronny Jackson was holding one of his assault rifles.
GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson likely didn't receive the answers he was hoping for.