The teenage writer and actress reflects on high school, Rookie and staying optimistic in the face of growing up.
Doe Paoro drew from these notions as she created After, the follow-up to her 2012 debut album Slow To Love, which Paoro wrote in an isolated cabin close to her hometown of Syracuse, New York.
The semester I lived in Europe was without a doubt the best time I've spent in college. While I had more fun than I could've ever anticipated, I also made my fair share of slip-ups. Everyone is bound to make a handful of rookie study abroad mistakes.
Training camp is among us and with that comes all kinds of excitement, speculation and a whole whack of skeptics. The Leafs welcomed 64 players to this year's camp.
The more you know... Whoever thought of having comedian Artie Lange and writer, editor, actress (i.e. most impressive 17
"We're all great. You've just got to be confident." That's some of the advice comedian Tig Notaro offers in her "Ask A Grown
New Jersey-based comedian Eudora Peterson ridicules such a mission in her video "Interview With A CEO," throwing out absurd
Greta Gerwig, who co-wrote and starred in "Frances Ha," talked to Rookie mag about her relationship with her body, pointing
"You should never settle for someone who doesn't like you for who you are and what you're doing, what you want to talk about
So why are Millennials so stressed out? Our biggest fear (and source of stress) is that we are somehow misusing our youth.
I love monsters; and the more wicked and unusual a monster looks or acts, the more I fall in love with it. Read more on
So, maybe you can’t vote. Because you’re too young. How does this make you feel? Voiceless? Uninterested? Angry? Apathetic
Via Splitsider Growing up is tough, and you don't always want to go to your dumb parents or teachers for advice about things
When middle-aged men give advice on life and love to teenage girls (as we've seen before), hilarity often ensues. For their
I'm the father of three daughters – Rivkah, Miriam, and Tavi – which is often how I introduce myself to people. "Hi. I'm
But nice customers got extra help from me. If you missed a coupon that could save a couple dollars and you’re nice to me
6. J. wasn’t exactly my main tormenter in middle school and high school, but she was always there, on the sidelines, cheering
“NIPPPPPPPPLES.” One thing that makes the “national conversation” that’s been happening on the subject of bullying a little
Today, CBS's "Early Show" introduced us to a brand new fashion-blogging sensation, Tavi! WATCH: The high school sophomore