Christine, Antonio Campos' new movie from a script by Craig Shilowich may be the Room of the current season: an indie film
Harris, whose Broadway credits also include the musicals American Psycho, Heathers and Doctor Zhivago, explains how So B
The questions to ask is: What uproots and what anchors us? Discovering the answer and following the steps that connect and stabilize us, may prevent the treacherous state.
Conclusion: In truth, blind faith has the power to both save and kill. At times, a belief morphs to perceptible reality, as
I spent almost two months living in the residence myself. I did this so I could get to know the people staying there, and
In determining that Room doesn't work, screenwriting guru Robert McKee writes, I'd like to borrow from a page of one of Robert
The thing that gets me about the protests and the "oscarssowhite" movement is it's totally taken away from an array of amazing
Whether you want to recruit a group for pot luck, cobble together a small feast in honor of your favorite films or commit to making it all for the big night, here it is: The ultimate 2016 Oscars feast.
Within the four walls of a cinema, films transport moviegoers to far off places, both past and present, real or imagined. To take it a step further, use this year's Academy Awards' nominees for Best Picture as a travel guide, experiencing the locations -- characters in their own right -- firsthand.