"When you buy Oreos and your roommates keep asking you if they can have 'one'."
One wintry night a chilling scream from somewhere deep in the dorm. The Ant has had enough. Enough of Wheat Chex and scrunched
Traditionally, living with roommates has been the lifestyle primarily of the young and single, but more and more people in their 50s and beyond are turning to home sharing to ease the high cost of living and reduce the isolation that can occur when older adults live on their own.
Forgive me, former roommates, for I have sinned.
Renters insurance does not cover a roommate, unless they are specifically added to a policy. But listing a roommate on a policy is widely ill-advised. Every roommate should have their own renters insurance policy so the policyholder isn't taking on risk outside their own.
For most of us, roommates are a non-negotiable part of our 20s. But living with someone and all of their quirks, is tricky -- whether it's a friend, your significant other, or a complete stranger.
As we get older, freshening up our living space is energizing, but it also becomes important to look at our home as either something that is dragging us down, or something that supports changing needs.