About 20 to 25 percent of men report sexually coercive behavior, ranging from forced sex to verbal manipulation like guilt-tripping a woman into having sex.
The same can be said for our own lives. There are people that we have relied upon and with whom we have built a long-term
Debbie Allen is the writer, Director and Choreographer of Freeze Frame, a multimedia production. She is an accomplished dancer
"I stood in this cell and wept like a baby. I said, 'This is my Wailing Wall.'"
Star Malachi Kirby explains how actors in the miniseries felt dedicated to portraying black female resistance.
Encouragement from Forest Whitaker and LeVar Burton helped him nail the scene in the end.
The young Brit learned a lot while filming the History Channel remake of the original miniseries and hopes to pass on the wisdom.
Like millions of other viewers last week, I was in the thick of watching the reboot of this gut wrenching story of a time
I feel that some Black people push back on Roots 2016, saying we need more diverse Black stories other than slave or civil rights narratives as if we don't have any other type of stories being told. I completely agree that we do need more diverse stories, and more often, but there are other Black stories being told.
I admit, I was a little skeptical about the Roots remake when I first heard about it. I love the original series, and I wondered