Rory Kennedy

Setting up the Digital Divide
On April 24th, I went to Tan Son Nhut Airport and waited to board a Pan-Am flight. I had been invited to go to the United
While Kennedy, who is the daughter of the late Sen. Robert Kennedy, admits that the American government had "very few good
Rory Kennedy joins HuffPost Live to discuss her Oscar nominated film "Last Days In Vietnam."
In her new documentary, filmmaker Rory Kennedy surrounds the events that transpired as a group of Americans took it upon themselves through a series of back ops to shuttle as many Vietnamese out of the country as they could.
The war in Vietnam still conjures volatile emotions for those who lived during that heady time in the '60's and '70's. That's
Two things stand out to me in this documentary -- one, Ethel Kennedy has a gorgeous voice -- deeply modulated and compelling. And two, Rory Kennedy is as much a protagonist in this film as her mother.
Much ado has been made about 22-year-old Taylor Swift's budding romance with a Kennedy, RFK Jr.'s son Conor Kennedy, a mere
In Ethel, a new HBO documentary, the fascination with all things Kennedy shifts to the legacy of Robert. Filmmaker Rory Kennedy, his 11th child, focuses on the role of her mother in their remarkable marriage, and in the aftermath of his death.
"It's in a beautiful location and right across the street from Conor and the Kennedys," a local realtor told People. "It's