Rory McIlroy

The top-ranked McIlroy, who has played golf with Trump, ripped the president's "terrible" leadership in the coronavirus pandemic.
The world's top-ranked player shredded the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and said he probably won't play with him again.
Sunday's outing at Trump's club in Florida "was, quite simply, a round of golf."
"Just when you thought it was impossible to dislike Rory McIlroy more ..."
Several other major athletes have pulled out of the Olympics over Zika.
It's time to leave Tiger Woods alone. I personally hope he can find his way out of whatever has him down right now. I hope he starts winning golf tournaments again. I hope he wins another major and comes closer to breaking Nicklaus' record.
Rory McIlroy revealed on Instagram that he ruptured his anterior talofibular ligament, the major ankle stabilizing ligament, while playing soccer with friends over the weekend.
Watching someone who was once so great, no matter your opinions of him as a person, fall to the point that he has, is not easy, but observing a childhood idol plummet to these depths is undeniably painful.
Another major championship has come and gone, and it was another major disappointment for Tiger Woods. At the U.S. Open held at Chambers Bay outside of Seattle, Woods ballooned with an opening round 80 followed by a 76 on Friday and was cut from play for the weekend.