Rosa DeLauro

This health care plan from two liberal Democrats is starting to get more attention.
The Family Act, introduced by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Rosa DeLauro, will probably pass in the House. It faces a rocky path in the Senate, though.
Rep. Rosa DeLauro attacked the secretary over her decision, and DeVos struggled to respond.
Rep. DeLauro (D-Conn.) grilled Education Secretary Betsy DeVos about her stance on predatory loan servicers.
It’s a familiar bleeding-heart refrain sung in support of liberal initiatives, or to push back on conservatives: “Millions
Rep. Rosa DeLauro D-Conn. condemns President Trump’s Department of Education budget, calling it “cruel,” “inhumane,” and “heartless.”
Have you seen the contest floating around Facebook called “Sick Just Got Real”? You’re supposed to send in a selfie or YouTube
If only there'd been a stage manager to interrupt the speech and deliver the truth.
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also suggested Donald Trump had been making "verbal poo poo," which, accurate.
The momentum for paid sick days is inspiring. As of today, thirty-two locations in the U.S. have won such policies, bringing access for the first time to more than ten and a half million people.
They want to increase penalties on employers who rip off their workers.
Rep. Rosa DeLauro - via Flickr A proposal tabled by Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro last week may give the Committee on Foreign
Rep. Jim McGovern said if Speaker Ryan and "his Republican friends" make it harder for families to escape poverty, McGovern would fight him.
In an age of tight budgets, getting legislators to support new spending is tremendously difficult. Diapers are getting their