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Mattel is honoring the two historic icons as part of its Inspiring Women series.
The skit, “The Real Housewives of the Civil Rights Movement," didn't air but surfaced on TMZ.
Students should learn how these women were at the forefront of movements for liberation and resistance.
At just 15, Claudette Colvin was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger.
There was no justice, no recourse for her aunt, who stood up anyway. Her quiet presence at the State of the Union address will speak volumes today.
If 2017 was the year of the woman, it was the year of one very specific kind of woman.
Taylor will be remembered for bravely speaking out after she was gang-raped by six white men in the Jim Crow era.
“Don’t just overlook the hard work that we did,” said one black woman who canvassed for Doug Jones.
Although we may not each have Wonder Woman’s superpowers, we each possess the ability to change the world. Each of the women
“She’s fat,” my daughter’s 8-year-old friend said in her sweet voice as she hopped into our car. She was referring to another
UC Santa Cruz's chancellor said the group's effort will "meaningfully improve" the campus.
Where will you be the next time other people of color are victimised?