rosetta probe

Space and booze have been making a lot of news recently. Perhaps someday we'll all be throwing back space beers on Mars.
The countdown is on for the European Space Agency's historic bid to land on a comet. Philae is expected to take about seven
To learn even more about the comet, the Rosetta probe is scheduled to deploy its robotic lander, Philae, to the surface of
"As we have seen from recent close-up images, the comet is a beautiful but dramatic world--it is scientifically exciting
Rosetta spacecraft's OSIRIS narrow-angle camera obtained this close-up detail of a smooth region on the "base" of the "body
Scientists are trying to wake up a spacecraft that’s been hibernating in deep space for the past two years.
For the coldest leg of Rosetta's mission, as it traveled out toward the orbit of Jupiter, the spacecraft was placed into
The 6,600-pound (3,000 kg) spacecraft was put in a deep sleep in July 2011 for the final and longest leg of its journey. During
Thanks to serendipity, we have visited a brand new world few had even known was out there. Cool.