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The grainy photograph, taken before the pilot aired, is around 25 years old.
Although police in Blackpool, England ruled out the actor, the internet was not convinced.
"Dr. Geller assigned a paper over spring break. I didn't do it: WE WERE ON A BREAK!"
We'd like to go on a break with some of these looks.
A curious challenge that long-running television series often encounter is that it is difficult continuing to give your characters forward momentum without feeling as though you are just recycling plotlines.
5. When your food gets contaminated... 7. When people find out you're gluten free and ask what you eat... 8. When people
Quiz widget by Today marks the 10 years since the finale of one of the most iconic sitcoms to ever grace the small screen
2. JENNIFER ANISTON Awards: Most “Friends” fans have never seen an episode of the much-less-watched “Episodes,” but the premium
Ross Geller has some creepster tendencies on "Friends," but when you take away the laugh track, it goes from gently endearing
Chandler's dad and Phoebe's gay ex-husband never could have gotten married. The same-sex marriage law passed in Massachusetts
13. Geller and Schwimmer were outcasts in high school. Geller was nerdy and even nicknamed "Wet Pants Geller," and Schwimmer