Rotisserie chicken

This recipe is the perfect choose-your-own-adventure dish on a summer day.
Future you will thank you.
"I don't like who I become when I'm alone with a rotisserie chicken"
R么tisserie Georgette doesn't just celebrate food. Farkas has also turned the restaurant into a classic literary salon. Throughout
When you're short on time to cook, pick up a rotisserie chicken. There are endless ways to transform it into something special, from Buffalo Chicken Dip to White Chicken Chili.
Peruvian chicken, aka pollo a la brasa, or simply "charcoal chicken," has crisp, flavorful, smoke-kissed skin, juicy flesh and an herbaceous, positively addictive green sauce that accompanies it.
When you need a quick family-pleasing dinner, the rotisserie chicken is an obvious choice. But can you really "wow" your crew with this easy ingredient? Yes! Try these four fast chicken fixer-uppers.
Although I've never understood why there aren't portable rotisseries at the Greenmarkets, finding a decent roast chicken in New York has never been difficult.
Two people will take plenty home; I got two lunches out of the leftovers.
Clocking in at 73 minutes of head spinning drama, "Rotisserie Chicken" is an existential tour-de-force in the tradition of