"Not so much that we chose him ... he chose us as well."
A devastated dog owner captured the heart-wrenching moment his Rottweiler Brutus refused to leave the side of his lifeless twin brother Hank.
In this November video, watch as an overzealous Rottweiler smothers his feline BFF with some real good snuggling. H/T Reddit
Diego on the night he was rescued. The Humane Society said that Diego was likely covered in motor oil because his previous
Everybody loves a good shower at the end of a long day, but this Rottweiler seems to enjoy it more than most humans. In this
Dogs are notoriously in love with Frisbees, but this Rottweiler might be taking that excitement to a whole new level. Zeus
A study of obese dogs with osteoarthritis and lameness proved how little effort it can take to vastly improve the quality of life of overfed, disabled pets.
Moore sponsored a failed bill in the state Legislature last week that would have required the owners of certain large dogs
Then there were celebrities whose style was from decades past ... and probably should have stayed there. Salma Hayek's zoot
This summer, we conducted an unofficial (and involuntary) experiment: Take one unsocialized Rottweiler and see what five different dog trainers will do with it
We have ALL failed the children in our world. For all of our children, and women who have died by acts of violence perpetrated
Next it was off to the Dress to The Kilt event where celebrities and guests were celebrating Scottish Heritage day. Lucky