Rowan Atkinson

Twitter users didn't show much sympathy for the actor, who complained about cancel culture and the burden of his iconic role in a new interview.
Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell return and "not everything will go as planned," screenwriter Richard Curtis said.
London is treated to an IRL demo of an iconic sketch.
This is “the original ‘Between Two Ferns,’” AngryBelgian quipped. “Funny name. ‘Elton,’” Atkinson says to his guest. “Did
1. The time he flew in an airplane 9. The time he was packing for trip 5. The time he was falling asleep in church 6. The
Last week we were graced with John Malkovich's homage to some of history's most iconic images. Now, thanks to a humorous
Due to one of those odd coincidences, theater at the moment seems to be about chairs. Rowan Atkinson sits in a relatively comfy one throughout the flawless revival of Simon Gray's Quartermaine's Terms, at Wyndham's.
However, there is also the simple fact that they share some physical similarities. The Guardian believes it is simply the
Watching Mr. Bean's Holiday, I felt a delight I haven't felt in ages -- a child's delight in fact. And that's when I realized why most Americans just don't get Mr. Bean.