Rowan Atkinson

Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell return and "not everything will go as planned," screenwriter Richard Curtis said.
The clip, which was apparently filmed at a benefit comedy show supporting HIV/AIDS awareness, shows Atkinson mocking the
3. The time he saved a goldfish Halloween marks the anniversary of the 13th episode in the original Mr. Bean series, "Goodnight
Rodney Pike replaced the faces of nearly 30 works with Atkinson's in an ongoing series that includes images of Leonardo da
Due to one of those odd coincidences, theater at the moment seems to be about chairs. Rowan Atkinson sits in a relatively comfy one throughout the flawless revival of Simon Gray's Quartermaine's Terms, at Wyndham's.
A website created for the start of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union has been hijacked by an unusual enemy - Mr
Watching Mr. Bean's Holiday, I felt a delight I haven't felt in ages -- a child's delight in fact. And that's when I realized why most Americans just don't get Mr. Bean.