rowan county clerk

I'm so proud to have stood at April's side this Saturday with our daughter and before more than a hundred of our nearest and dearest friends and family to at long last celebrate the legal recognition of our love.
People ask it all the time: "How many people are gay?" The truth is, no one really knows.
There are many more examples of Americans who failed to swap their roses, and stuck to guns doomed to backfire. All were considered brave by those who agreed with them, and backwards-facing by those who did not.
It's understandable why the national media is having such an easy time misrepresenting the residents of this small town. Since there seems to be much confusion, I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight:
Kim Davis has every right to believe as she does. That's America; people of all colors, creeds and sexual orientations being able to express their different beliefs through the freedom of speech. But what she does not have the right to do is impede on the rights of any other American based on her personal convictions.
To impose, for personal convenience, a narrow range of faith-based decisions on legally-sanctioned secular conditions flies directly in the faith we have in our Constitution-based society.
"Pray that America repents of the sin of celebrating sexual perversion and imprisoning Christian dissidents."
Every job has a description that enumerates the tasks the job holder is obligated to perform. Your County Clerk job is no exception. When you choose to take a job, whether you are elected or simply hired, you are obliged to perform all of its tasks.