The brawny, buff boys are back and ready to bust stereotypes.
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But she has braved pretty big icebergs in the past...and the one thing she kept doing was wave at a time, buoyed
Paul and Gary O’Donovan risk being dubbed "Ireland's gift to the world" all over again.
Meet Chierika Ukogu, a rower who made history during the 2016 Olympic Games as the first person to represent Nigeria in her sport. After qualifying to compete on this world stage, Ukogu fundraised $15,000 because the Nigerian Rowing Association was unable to support her journey financially. She competed and left the games as one of the top 20 rowers in the world, accomplishing an incredible feat.
A few days ago I finished competing in the at the US Rowing Masters National Championships on a lake outside of Boston in the sizzling August heat as my wife and twin 10-year-old daughters were there to support me.
Rowing may be one of the more under-appreciated Olympic sports, but there is something about it that fans of every other sport can appreciate.