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Jon Favreau and Roy Choi whip up drool-worthy dishes, talk life and make mistakes in the kitchen on their Netflix cooking series.
Here's what culinary masters like Dominique Ansel, Roy Choi and Amanda Cohen make at home.
The first of Jesus's temptations in the wilderness is often seen as Jesus overcoming sins of the flesh. Jesus has mastery over his body, and we should all be strong like that and not give in to our fleshly desires, right?
Before they can get there, though, they'll have to address big question marks, especially when it comes to the economics
It's the one and only time being a follower is cool.
Yes, street art on museum walls is as cool as it sounds, but combining it with Renaissance manuscripts is groundbreaking.
Roy says, "I want people to stumble in here thinking it is a pharmacy." Once you get into the restaurant however, there's nothing similar between it and any pot shop in town.
Making a good film is art. Making good food is art.
In the clip above, Voltaggio beautifully explains one of the reasons chefs use this tactic: "[You try to be] as simple as
Chefs Michael Voltaggio & Roy Choi unveil some tips for simplifying and bringing success to any menu.
From Cronuts to Ramen Burgers, chefs today are pairing beloved foods with some unexpected ones. Chefs Michael Voltaggio & Roy Choi unveil their take on some very unlikely Oreo creations. See what they've done to the iconic cookie!
Jon Favreau, and the rest of the cast, stopped by the SXSW Samsung Blogger Lounge to discuss his new film, "Chef," cooking
The sheer variety of food in New York makes this city what it is. It's noticeable, then, when a certain cuisine is missing. As of yet, Hawaiian food hasn't hit big in New York City. But is it the city's next big cuisine?
Taking place outside Downtown LA's Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, this two-evening collaboration between some of the best chefs from the City of Angels and the City of Lights was a spinoff of Fooding, a Paris-based restaurant guide that throws gastronomic events around the globe.
See Choe's downtown LA den and watch him play the drums, paint and dance with bikini-clad ladies in the clip below: Prestige
Paris thinks Los Angeles is delicious. And how can it not? While Paris is home to one of the world's greatest historic food
"Everyone I come visit is just trying to show me, like, another pool deck, you know? Another roof deck," said Huang about
Thousands of lucky ticket holders swarmed LA Live this weekend for the second annual LA Food & Wine Festival, a three-day