Roy Cooper

State Republican lawmakers are escalating the struggle for control of local elections.
"It’s amazing how they’ve ignored the will of the people here," North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said after Republicans overrode his veto of the ban.
But the explanation from North Carolina state Rep. Tricia Cotham is detached from the realities of how a 12-week abortion ban will affect patients.
A GOP supermajority quashed Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a 12-week ban that was fast-tracked through the legislature.
A stunning party shift from a previously devout pro-choice Democrat has enabled the sudden passage of a 12-week abortion ban that will impact people across the South.
Republicans evaded the traditional legislative process, introducing a 12-week abortion ban and holding a vote less than 24 hours later.
Gov. Roy Cooper and Democratic lawmakers warned the repeal would allow more dangerous people to obtain weapons through private sales, which do not require a background check.
Tens of thousands of Moore County residents are still without electricity after what officials say was a targeted attack on the local power grid.
President Donald Trump blamed Gov. Roy Cooper’s “shutdown mood” and said he’ll move August’s Republican National Convention unless the state allows a full arena.
Trump criticized the governor of North Carolina, where the August event is slated to take place, for being "still in Shutdown mood" during the coronavirus pandemic.