If the goal is truly to fix public education in Chicago, would there be a need for marketing lessons for CPS bureaucrats? If during moments of honesty, managers talk about "blowing up" and "dismantling" a district, having a detailed script may be necessary.
Roy Roberts, the emergency manager of Detroit Public Schools (DPS), announced Thursday morning he will step down from his
If the proficiency gap between Detroit's children and the Michigan average is any indication, our children have only fallen further behind these past four years.
Today In School Closures... Detroit is slated to close even more schools, reports CBS. Enrollment in the Motor City has dwindled from 150,000 to a projected 40,000. "A deficit elimination plan obtained by The Detroit News says the district will close 28 schools [by 2016]," CBS reports. "The closures are expected to save DPS about $13.4 million in operating expenses, but hundreds of district employees will be out of a job." The Free Press has a letter from emergency manager Roy Roberts to the district's employees: DPS has "accelerated the time line for its return to complete fiscal stability," he wrote. But Roberts hasn't said which schools will be shuttered.
Some opponents have gone further in their critiques: The president of the Detroit school board, LaMar Lemmon, and community
"I have no idea who's in charge of our public schools, and I don't know if anyone really has any idea," Harris said. "Both
Backers of the new district also say the individualized computer-centered curriculum allows students to take ownership for
Wasko also noted it would be disruptive to move the EAA's approximately 10,000 students from one district to another mid
The Detroit Board of Education, reinstated to oversee DPS academics after Public Act 4's suspension, voted in a special meeting
Roberts counted as among the accomplishments during his tenure the reduction of the district's deficit from $327 million