Roy Wood Jr

"The Daily Show" comedian's unusual opinions on "Home Alone" and "Frosty the Snowman" might be the gift you'll use.
A holiday coronavirus surge has Wood's Leo Deblin working his home care biz "ICU 2 U" on "The Daily Show."
"The Daily Show" comedian also had some mock "props" for the International Olympic Committee.
Roy Wood Jr. examines the latest right-wing scaremongering in his "Unsolved Mysteries" segment.
It’s the one thing “mysteriously absent from their vocabulary,” said “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” correspondent Roy Wood Jr.
Roy Wood Jr. wants to know the "uncomfortable" truth about the former president's son.
"While most presidents are only known for one big scandal, Donald Trump has truly changed the game," correspondent Roy Wood Jr. said.
"The Daily Show" comedian also suggested "Bad Guy" singer Billie Eilish "knows something we don't know" in his film review bit.
Comedian Roy Wood Jr. highlighted the most inappropriate ways people chose to commemorate Dr. King's legacy.
"Sir David Attenborough is the Beyoncé of show narration."
“So ‘Game of Thrones’ is basically a show about how you can’t trust nobody with blonde hair," the Comedy Central star says in the video.
"The Daily Show" host gets an assist from his colleague Roy Wood Jr.
Democrat Stacey Abrams' other career as a romance novelist may win over this critical demographic, Roy Wood Jr. reports.
"The last thing we need is his supporters hearing him say the N-word," correspondent Roy Wood Jr. said.
“Are you looking to spend $100,000 you don’t have to get a degree that won’t help you find a job?”
"Every year, somehow, there are people who put on costumes that are about 200 years too late."
"Instead of trying to expose hidden racism, it's on display for everyone to see."