Royal Albert Hall

If you've listened to Rock Radio in the USA for any length of time in the last 35 years, you have heard Paul Rodgers' voice over 200 times... easy! Paul is probably the most famous and well known rock vocalist that a whole lotta people don't know by name.
Congratulations to the artistic planners that scheduled Joshua Bell as the soloist for the Tchaikovsky. Bell, the poster
Plucked from the rituals of my satisfying but ordinary life, I was time's fugitive, granted six days to witness and experience sights and sounds (and fragrances, like the lemon verbena that haunts me still) that I never expected to encounter.
He is charming, talented, genius and above all, the most charismatic violinist of the year. Chosen as one of the ambassadors
But he also enjoys star status in Russia, and met President Dmitry Medvedev on his birthday. Actor-turned-politician Arnold
He blew away Ft. Lauderdale audiences opening for B.B. King two years ago. "I would have paid to just see him," said one
Not the Messiah is not to be missed. Our sacred fools are back, bearing sumptuous gifts for the discerning comedic and musical connoisseur.