Royal Albert Hall

If you've listened to Rock Radio in the USA for any length of time in the last 35 years, you have heard Paul Rodgers' voice over 200 times... easy! Paul is probably the most famous and well known rock vocalist that a whole lotta people don't know by name.
A couple of nights earlier, another North American teenager electrified the Royal Albert Hall audience with his technical
Plucked from the rituals of my satisfying but ordinary life, I was time's fugitive, granted six days to witness and experience sights and sounds (and fragrances, like the lemon verbena that haunts me still) that I never expected to encounter.
To gain insight into what it takes to become an outstanding classical musician, heads out on a grand tour; a day
LONDON (Reuters) - Movie stars, singers and politicians turned out on Wednesday at a gala concert in London to honor former
My shiny two. Joe Bonamassa is to the blues-rock guitar what a tsunami is to a coastline: A devastating force of nature to
Not the Messiah is not to be missed. Our sacred fools are back, bearing sumptuous gifts for the discerning comedic and musical connoisseur.