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The ruling could set a precedent for similar cases against polluting multinationals around the world.
Activists say David Frederick's work for Royal Dutch Shell should disqualify him from being the next administration's lead attorney for Supreme Court cases.
David Frederick is a seasoned litigator with progressive victories under his belt, but some advocates say his work for Royal Dutch Shell should disqualify him.
The personnel shift reflects a controversial theory of how to stop climate change.
They were instructed: "No yelling, shouting, protesting or anything viewed as resistance," according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
The oil and gas giant announced sector-leading emissions targets after caving to investor pressure.
A new batch of documents shows the oil giant had grasped the dangers of burning fossil fuels by the 1980s.
Like Big Oil, power companies have long seen the danger of fossil fuels, a new report finds.
“I cannot see where the upside is,” Royal Dutch Shell CEO says.
Royal Dutch Shell and Italian major Eni deny any wrongdoing.