Royal Mail

The Royal Mail has released a special set in honor of the couple's upcoming nuptials.
They commemorate six of the British pop icon's album covers and four of his tours.
Sounds almost like one of those unfounded Internet myths that get passed around and around and around until they are debunked... and then still get passed around and around and around....
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of BBC's "Dr. Who," the Royal Mail is releasing collectible stamps featuring the show's
Sitting here in Scotland, I'm hoping my absentee ballot along with my vote for Barack Obama lands safely on the shores of America before the deadline and gets counted in my hotly contested home state of Pennsylvania.
Harry Potter fans have a new way to indulge their obsession with JK Rowling's characters – by posting them. The Royal Mail
When organizations start to place a high premium on consensus in decision-making, they start to fail. Given that neither labor nor management want to see failure, why is this ideal pursued?
ROYAL MAIL faces an angry consumer backlash this weekend over more than 2m parcels and letters lost or delayed in the Christmas