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The children's father did not survive the devastating storm.
At the onset of World War I, there were a series of naval battles throughout the world's oceans that saw the Royal Navy largely destroy the German Navy's surface combatants outside of the Baltic Sea.
Reams of toilet paper soared high into the sky.
There is no more quintessential product of 1960s movie culture than the James Bond franchise, and Goldfinger is the film that shot the series into the stratosphere of global entertainment.
Out Aug 27 Picton's new single, Long May They Roll, has already received the star remix treatment being re-worked by Malay
The road to the duel was long and circumstantial. There was, for instance, the matter of professional honor.
Total enlistment in the British Armed Forces is around 184,000, with the approx. 105,000 personnel in the army, 36,000 in
Today the drone increasingly projects American power and justice in distant lands. Shoot down an American helicopter and you'll soon find a drone buzzing in to settle scores.
Ever since the defeat of the of the Spanish Armada in 1588 by Francis Drake, it has been the Royal Navy that has been the most reliable deterrent to aggression in the defense of Britain.
According to Lucy Robinson, an historian at the University of Sussex and an expert on the Falklands war, the sentiments of
In the past, the most effective means of ending piracy was to destroy their base of operations.
The latest twist in the mysterious dolphin stranding has linked Royal Navy exercises to the death of 26 dolphins in Cornwall