royal society

A seemingly innocuous change in punctuation in official guidance sparked a flurry of speculation that the city’s name was being changed.
Suzan Mazur: You provide an extensive table of defined virus terms, and you identify two groups of introns: Group I and Group
In the opening pages of his article, Kull decides to cite the July 2008 Altenberg conference as one of those pivotal events
What a lovely way to end 2016 and ring in 2017 . . . a note from the head of Royal Society Scientific Programmes on behalf
Censorship? Ineptness? Budgetary concerns? Whatever the problem is at the Royal Society, its Scientific Programmes office
DO THEY ACTUALLY EXPECT US TO SWALLOW THIS? Quanta's Editor, Thomas Lin, is a former NYT online national news and science
Image: Life in Utah; or, the Mysteries and Crimes of Mormonism, J. H. Beadle (1870) Wason thinks that contrary to the view
Well, I really interpret the letter you refer to in your article ["Censorpship & Upcoming Royal Society Evo Meeting"] as
"[P]eople are always more loyal to their tribal group than to any abstract notion of the "truth" -- scientists especially
Other prominent scientists who've registered include biosemiotics ambassador Kalevi Kull, and plant physiologist/ambassador