roz chast

For years and years, I labored under the assumption that comic books were only read by nerdy guys with a childish penchant for superheroes. But after seeing Marjane Satrapi's harrowing and exuberant film, Persepolis, I was shocked to find that it was adapted from a graphic memoir.
Mama Tried is fun and funny - it's part memoir, part commentary, and of course part comic strip. The cartoons are what make this book so relatable and at the same time funny in way that only parents will understand (double points for twins and multiples).
Previous winners include Jon Stewart, David Sedaris and Calvin Trillin.
The Season 3 trailer for The Artist Project is below. The new season, in which I am included, will be released this week on September 16th.
Women cartoonists are finally drawing a fine line and earning righful rewards for their work. Stay tooned.
Right about now, as educators around the nation get busy dusting and disinfecting surfaces, and parents write checks and buy white-out and pointy compasses that nobody will probably ever use except to torment each other.
Recently, I talked with Roz Chast about her career, how things have changed in the thirty-plus years she's been an artist in New York, and why she chose this moment to begin writing for children.
This past Friday was no different. Not only is he a successful businessman, a champion of civil rights, and, most recently
For better and worse, Hillary Clinton is, in her bones, a politician. If she were the candidate we want her to be, she'd be Dennis Kucinich: perfect voting record, completely unelectable.