When you play a role you are more than just yourself. Whatever worries you might face, whatever issues might come up well now they're no longer your concern.
It was late on a Friday night in May of '03, just weeks after the U.S. had invaded Iraq. I was on my way from Manhattan out to the Hamptons -- all of them -- in a jitney with a band of (erstwhile frat) brothers.
Brian Williams shifting Iraq story
What is important here is that Mr. Williams made a swift, contrite and very public apology. It takes courage to go before several million people, and say without excuse or blame, "I was wrong. I am sorry."
Higher education leaders and policy makers must adjust to serve the students of the (very near) future, or risk failing in the responsibility to produce an educated citizenry and workforce capable of success.
If I had to answer the question one way or the other, I would say WoW is dying, but still going strong.
Are you a big gamer? Have you ever thought about developing your own games? Watch a walk-through of Eli's game below, and