rube goldberg

It literally depends on the speed of molasses, a turtle and growing grass.
Bill Plympton is not a genius, or so he insists, although none of his thousands of fans would be shocked if a MacArthur "Genius Grant" came his way.
As part of Los Angeles County Museum of Art's second ever Art + Technology Lab, artist Annina Rüst has crafted a robotic
It's not just that they're indescribably cool or painstaking to make -- no, Rube Goldbergs are so captivating because they're animation that happens in the real world.
Stop whatever you're doing this instant and prepare to be blown away by this informative and mesmerizing lesson on the history
When I asked George where she saw herself and her Rube enterprises ten years from now, she replied, "Waiting on line for
Testing must be made relevant to the everyday lives of teen and 'tween girls. What are their actual dreams and aspirations? Let's take a cue from GoldieBlox and design math tests "from the female perspective."
GoldieBlox, the toy company founded by engineer Debbie Sterling, has been chanting about girl power for a year now, and they
Via YouTube Trends We highly recommend setting this one to high-definition and full screen, to let the almost four-minute
The Gang of 8 prepared the immigration reform proposal. The intentions are noble. The proposed measures promise improvement, but the concept and mechanics of how it should be done look like a Rube Goldberg masterpiece.
If you want to see an example of creativity as "intelligence having fun," watch the opening sequence from 1920's The Scarecrow as the 5'6" Buster Keaton and 6'3" Joe Roberts sit down to one of the most elaborately choreographed breakfasts you will ever see in your life.
Prepare to have your mind blown. But what makes this particular design extraordinary is the change in perspective around
Cartoonist Rube Goldberg was best known for his illustrations of "machines," intricate and over-engineered contraptions designed
People don't often get around to sending postcards anymore. You write it by hand, you stamp it, you drop it off, you wait
"We did some bold things with this machine that have never even been attempted that probably startled judges, competitors
Jake was with Martin throughout, and his actions created a sort of Rube Goldberg affect to interconnect three separate stories
Canadian photography company 2D Photography has realized the lost dream of many people's childhoods: to build a Rube Goldberg