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The decision clears the path for former astronaut Mark Kelly to challenge GOP Sen. Martha McSally.
He’s a dream recruit for Democrats, but he could face one of several contentious primaries in key Senate races.
Puerto Rico’s massive estimated death toll was due to the federal government’s lack of action, said Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-N.Y.).
“Losing Bears Ears to a cloud of industrial smoke from extraction and mining does not keep that preservation of life for us,” said one Navajo woman.
Democrats Ruben Gallego and Ted Lieu also read Trump Jr.'s emails into the congressional record.
"The profound disrespect Mr. Trump has shown toward Gold Star parents is a new low."
Rep. Ruben Gallego and his mother, when he was serving as a Marine. (Courtesy of Gallego's office) "When I hear people say
Rubio has been successful at selling his story. The same isn't true when it comes to advocating for those who want to follow his path. Since he ran for the U.S. Senate, Rubio has sought to portray himself as somehow both a Republican committed to real reform on immigration, and a darling of Tea Party extremists.
Immigration matters have repeatedly threatened must-pass bills in the House. Most recently, a standoff emerged when some
For anyone who served on the ground in Iraq there is something horrifying about the idea of the ideologically blind, strategically ignorant "thinkers" -- Paul Wolfowitz chief among them -- who sent us into a misguided war without a plan to win the peace coming back into office. And yet, Jeb wants to get the gang back together.
Last week we saw a perfect example of how screwed up priorities have gotten in Congress. When the financial sector demanded a provision weakening regulations on risky derivative trading, Congress obliged. When veterans asked for $22 million over five years for a suicide prevention program, Sen. Coburn blocked the entire bill.
He defeated three other Democrats in the primary. The majority-Latino district is generally considered a safely Democratic
When you embed with a population, even during wartime, you become incredibly attached to the locals who reach out to help you. I got to know a lot of Iraqis who I feel close to even today - some were soldiers, some were civilians, but all were hopeful.
It has already been a wild primary election season with severalbig upsets rocking the political establishment. Add a hotly contested Arizona Democratic primary to that list, where young upstart Ruben Gallego, ran a brutally efficient field operation on his way to a surprise election day victory.
So many young men and women served and sacrificed in Iraq, but that's not a reason to double down on a failed strategy. I'm glad we're out of Iraq, we should stay out.
A veteran of the Iraq War on his fourth year in the state legislature, the 34-year-old said he wants to bring more focus