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Here are just some of the meanings of Buddhist mudras, or hand gestures.
The museum, which collects and exhibits artwork from the cultures of the Himalayas, India and neighboring regions, opened
To your knowledge, what is extent of the damage thus far? Chakrasamvara, Central Tibet, Gilt copper alloy with pigments and
A bit bittersweet, this is the final exhibition at the familiar uptown Whitney - located in the Marcel Breuer building on Madison Avenue. It heralds its upcoming move down to the West Village/Meat Packing District (WV/MPD) - where the larger structure on Gansevoort Street - overlooks the Hudson River.
Experience these fascinating conversations LIVE at the Rubin Museum in New York. Visit The 50th
According to author and actor Marilu Henner, the human memory has the capacity to store significant moments in our lives
"When you look at all this massive data that comes in from our senses, and it all has to come in through this central point
"If we go back to Aristotle ... and other philosophers through the centuries, language and thinking were inextricably linked
So what do the leaders of the mindfulness movement have to say about these shifts occurring in the workplace? During a panel