ruby rose

Ruby Rose plays Gotham City's LGBTQ crime-fighter on the CW series.
"Well that was fun," the "Batwoman" star quipped on Instagram.
The CW series — the first superhero live-action TV series to feature an LGBTQ title character — is set to debut in the fall.
The CW announced it was picking up the show, making Ruby Rose's character the first openly queer superhero in the title role of a live-action series.
The superhero is an "out lesbian and trained street fighter" who might be getting her own series.
"The Meg" actor also deactivated public comments on her Instagram account.
The OITNB star will appear as the iconic character in a crossover event and, hopefully, a full TV series.
The OITNB star had choice words for those who felt her Harvey effort was limiting.
It's a three-way tie this year. Congrats?
Nothing says best buddies like knowing everything about your friend’s relationships - and “Orange Is The New Black” characters know a little something about that.
Expect a care package from Taylor Swift in 8–10 business days.
“I didn't know anyone else that was gay or a lesbian. So I didn't really know how to word it."
"There are things that I’m always going to be very vocal about."