Breathe, relax, slow down. Even medical research cannot deny that these are the basic requirements for vibrant health. And take time for weekly, nay, daily contemplation to commune with your Soul. Create a quiet space where you can tune into the insights of the Spirit stored in your beingness.
Right now, let's relax and merge with the Sun and Light. May the humid air feed the life-sustaining waters within you. May the hot sunrays penetrate the core of our being and melt away anything that is not of pure Love.
Can we prove the existence of consciousness? The fine scientists at the Institute of Noetic Sciences continue to dare asking new questions from different perspectives and wider angles, breaking old dogmas and paradigms.
Breathe, relax, tune in, and let the forces of Light, Love, Life ripen your sprouted seeds to fully flourish. Be open to receive the gifts; be ready to enjoy the dreams as they become your enriched reality.
We are creatures of Nature and of Spirit. We need to honor their ever-changing flow. The dance of the Universe includes the humans too. But we have free will. It's up to each one of us to choose to either consciously participate in the creation of cosmic choreographies, or to be a non-enlightened obstacle.
We, humans, have the luxury of free will. What are we choosing? The path of suffering and rejection, or a path of loving and caring? I invite you to let go of the old paradigm to create the breathing space to find the true potential in the highest "I."
Allow gentle nudges, kind words, even pesky annoyances to assist you. Open up to the embrace of the Spirit. Soften the tightness of your inner bud, see yourself blossom into a luscious flower. Like a peony.
Dare to explore who you are. Be courageous to take off the veneer of your lower vibe earthly ego. Be strong enough to connect with your Highest Self. Persevere to maintain the brilliance of your unique column of Light.
Speaking in tongues is about understanding each other. Yes, it's good to know more than one language, but it's equally important to be able to comprehend the other person's point of view.
Much can be achieved when we're balanced and aligned with our life's purpose. Let's not be enticed by immediate gratification of shiny objects that prove worthless and useless very fast.
Spring is fully here. Joy and excitement are in the air. Bright days have pushed the winter darkness away. Fresh energy, full of promise, encourages us to give birth to our dreams. Let's embrace the fun adventures ahead.
One step at the time, grounded in the daily life. Warm up your work with the abundance from your heart.
We are all one. Everything is energy. We flow through one another. Some of us are rich in Light, yet, may still need to ground ourselves to materialize healthy cash inflow.
Birds are happy, chirping away in the backyard, even in Brooklyn, NYC: "It's springtime. Let's have fun." A friend reminded us about the importance of play in his recent post and a collage of images. Mhm, but why do I feel reluctant to play?