Everything is by the book in this musical with a few surprise numbers and changes in dialogue. I won't ruin it here but I'll
How surreal is to be playing Rudolph? The sets and costumes are right out of the special. There is definitely an overwhelming
The version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" you've been watching on TV is actually wrong.
In the original "Rudolph" the reindeer shout out with glee, but in real life, nobody celebrates like "Maury" guests after
The holiday season is in full swing and DMX just can't keep his excitement to himself. The Ruff Ryders rapper proved he has
So Rudolph is born special. He has a special gift and is super amazing. But not all the reindeer see that. So the reindeer choose that the only way to handle something like that is to reject it. They laugh at Rudolph and hurt his feelings.
For instance, Rudolph may be a female. Mental Floss has uncovered 11 strange reindeer facts sure to liven up your reindeer
Down the street, Chicago-based Montgomery Ward employed in-store Santas to attract customers. After each child would explain